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Ice Maker Repair Toronto

Ice makers automatically make ice in the shape of cubes, nuggets, or flakes depending on the machine—without the need for repeatedly filling ice cube trays at your kitchen sink. This is an extremely expedient appliance that provides you with a large supply of ice when needed, whether it’s on those hot summer evening, for the big game, a special celebration, or regular family dinner. Most homeowners have at least a smaller ice maker conveniently located inside their refrigerator’s freezer. Just as with larger ice makers and machines that stand alone, these appliances can run into problems on occasion.

Types of ice machines we service include:

  • Freezer ice makers
  • Portable ice machines
  • Built-in or freestanding ice machines

Common Ice Machine Issues We Handle:

  • Your freezer is too warm.
  • There are issues with the freezer switch.
  • The water inlet valve is defective.
  • Low incoming water pressure.
  • Malfunction with the door switch.
  • The ice level control board fails.
  • The water filter is clogged.

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