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Over The Range Microwave Installation Services

Over The Range Microwave Installation Services

Over the range microwave ovens are common appliances in every home. If you have renovated or built your new kitchen, setting up appliances is the next thing. Ramboll Appliance offers top quality Over The Range Microwave Installation Services at affordable charges. We are an expert team of installers and repairers with in-depth knowledge of microwaves of popular brands. Upon receiving your call, we depute our trained and certified technicians for the efficient installation of the appliance in your kitchen.

It is not a good idea to hire a random electrician or a handyman service for installing microwaves. Installation of microwaves requires professional skills and knowledge of the microwave features. We are licensed microwave repair and installation technicians for all the major brands. Hiring us is all about ensuring the safety of your expensive appliances. We connect and set up the over the range microwave as per safety standards and guidelines of the brand.

Affordable Microwave Installation Services

 Our installation gives a flawless appliance to work smoothly for a long time. Ramboll technicians also perform a safety check-up and performance testing before leaving the premises. We also provide excellent repairing services for microwaves of all the brands. Whether you want installation of a new unit or an existing unit after kitchen refurbishment, we provide quick services. The technicians from Ramboll reach the premises as per the scheduled appointment.

Our installation process goes beyond connecting the electric cables. Before the technician leaves, he will check the functionality of the unit. Any issue with the performance and feature of the unit is detected and informed to the customers.  The installer will run a demonstration to make the customer or the user understand the basic operation and functionalities. We also install other kitchen appliances including dishwasher, refrigerator, and hot water systems.

Quick Installation and Repair of Over The Range Microwaves

Ramboll takes pride in providing timely and high-quality cooking range installation. We also give tips to our customers to ensure smooth functioning of the unit for a long time. The flawless installation by Ramboll technicians gives you a perfectly working unit in your kitchen.  It is not recommended to trust inexperienced technicians for installing microwaves. We are skilled in setting up appliances made by Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Bosch, and other top brands. Being a licensed installer and repairer of the prominent brands in Canada, we guarantee top quality services. In the absence of proper installation, the appliance might underperform or cause frequent issues.

Key Features of our Installation Services-

  • Timely installation in a single visit
  • Installation only by expert technicians
  • Affordable and transparent fees for installation
  • Install microwaves of all the popular brands
  • Installation and setup as per manufacturer‛s specifications
  • Appliance testing and demonstration after installing

Before the technician leaves your premises, he makes sure that the appliance is functioning properly. Apart from Over The Range Microwave Installation Services, we also offer appliance maintenance and repair. We are skilled in fixing all types of minor and major issues hindering the smooth performance of the microwaves and other cooking appliances. We also install and repair warming drawers, ovens, and stoves.

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